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GM fined $145.8M for excess emissions, Fisker seeks approval to sell Ocean EVs, Mullen Automotive’s first commercial EV sale

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Fisker Seeks Bankruptcy Judge Approval to Sell Over 3,000 Ocean Electric SUVs Read More

General Motors to Pay $145.8 Million Penalty for Excess Emissions in 5.9 Million Vehicles Read More

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Experian revealed a recent report showing more consumers opting for EVs. Joining us is Melinda Zabritski to provide more insights. first quarterMelinda Zabritski reveals that the automotive finance market shows strength amid economic challenges
According to Experian, captives accounted for the largest new vehicle market share in the first quarter. Melinda Zabritski, Experian’s head of automotive financial insights, will join us on the latest edition of CBT Now to share more details of the State of the Automotive Finance Market Report for the first quarter. Watch the full segment

Chinese EVs posing threat to U.S. automakers despite increase in tariffs
There’s growing concern in the U.S. and Europe about the threat of Chinese made vehicles on the legacy automakers, despite the recent announcement from the White House that EV tariffs are increasing from 25% to 100%. Watch the full segment here.

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Weekly roundup: CDK Global makes progress following cyberattack, Tesla sees B2B quarterly decline in deliveries
Earlier this week: CDK Global made significant strides in its cyberattack recovery efforts. Tesla posts two consecutive quarters of reduced deliveries for first time. Supreme Court decision threatens Biden’s vehicle emissions cut efforts. Ford CEO Jim Farley urges shift to smaller, affordable EVs for future profitability. General Motors (GM) has been levied with a $145.8 million penalty following a comprehensive government investigation that discovered excess emissions in millions of vehicles. Read More

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