How car dealers can meet new consumer expectations brought on by COVID-19

Many changes have come as car dealers operate their businesses through a pandemic. Joining us today to discuss changing consumer expectations and behavior is Jade Terreberry, director of analytics for Cox Automotive

Consumer expectations have changed so much in the past 6-8 months. Cox Automotive has found that consumers now want the ability to do every part of the vehicle transaction online. In fact, in the recent Cox Automotive survey, “How the Rise of ‘Digital’ is Changing Consumer & Dealer Experiences,” analysts found that 62% of consumers state they are more likely to complete steps of the purchase process online.

In this segment, Terreberry tackles the following:

  • How consumer expectations are shifting overall as a result of COVID-19
  • What these shifts look like in the automotive industry
  • The ways in which the automotive industry has already embraced digital solutions
  • Why it is important for service and repair departments, specifically, to address changes in consumer expectations
  • How providers can implement these strategies and what important considerations they should be making

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