How car dealers can leverage home services to end 2020 on a high note – Kevin LeSage

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We’re in the last quarter of the year and although this year has had its own unique set of challenges, car dealers are seemingly now more than ever equipped to address shifts like digital retailing and home delivery. Joining us today to discuss how car dealers can succeed and finish this last quarter strong is Kevin LeSage, Director of Digital Marketing of Autotrader.

Inventory acquisition has been a problem over the last few months, which LeSage attributes to the pent up demand earlier this year caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. There was a significant dip in consumer traffic regardless of the platform dealers were working with, or on. However, when the demand did bounce back, it presented a hurdle of inventory shortages.

With car dealers preparing for the last few months of 2020, LeSage says it’s important to remember that while consumer demand is decreasing, it is still at a higher than normal level. One thing that dealers should no longer overlook is maintenance from your door, also known as pickup, service, and delivery. 43% of consumers are delaying those services due to the pandemic. This is an opportune moment for car dealers to advertise these services heavily, and generate additional revenue.

In fact, over 13,000 dealers have engaged with Autotrader to advertise their video walkarounds, at-home test drives, and home deliveries. Other large marketplace websites like CarGurus and are employing the same techniques. Over time, these services become less of a hurdle for dealers. They get the infrastructure in place, and consumers become accustomed to the services and will use them regularly.

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