Having a Follow-Up Plan

follow-up plan

The problem with follow-up is that it’s not being done correctly. Does your follow-up plan include calling previous customers every single week and thanking them for their business and asking for referrals? Paul explains why follow-up doesn’t pay you today, but later.


We’re gonna talk about that word, that little phrase, follow up. You know the problem with it is we live in a microwave society today. We want what we want and we want it right now, but you know what the legendary sales performers do? They follow up, they have a follow-up plan. Let me ask, do you have a plan with you today for follow up? Do you call five previous customers every single week, thank them for their business and ask for referrals? What do you when the customer leaves your dealership today, what is your follow up strategy? Do you have a plan for the phone call? Do you have a plan for the offer? Do you know exactly what you’re going to give them enticement to come back? You see follow up doesn’t pay you today, follow up pays you forever.

That’s the difference, follow up is like being a farmer. Follow up is like looking at this big field called a customer base. You know what it is? Inside that customer base seeds of greatness, but you can’t grow something you do not plant. You cannot harvest something you do not nourish. You gotta look at your customer base for what it is, it is the seeds of greatness waiting for you to plant, nourish, and then harvest. That’s how you double your income in the auto business, you follow-up.

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