Give every customer a truly amazing car buying experience today

On today’s Saturday Morning Sales Meeting, with auto retail expert Frank J. Lopes, find out the best ways you can show customers your value and the value of the dealership.


Frank J. Lopes here. Good morning and welcome to the Saturday Morning Sales Meeting on CBT. So it’s Saturday morning, you’re all pumped up and you’re ready to go. Right? Well, I want you to hold on for about two minutes and hear me out. Instead of thinking of your yourself, I want you to think of someone else. Now I’m not talking about your mama or your kids or anybody like that. You see, there’s someone out there who woke up this morning, filled with excitement and to be quite honest, some anxiety too. Why? Because today is the day they plan on visiting your dealership to buy a car. This is great news, right? Because you know, fate’s going to smile and deliver some of these people right to you.

Now, whether you meet with three or four or even just one new customer today, I want you to realize that you have a responsibility to yourself, to your family, your dealership, and to most importantly, those people coming in, to make it, so that every one of them that you come in contact with has the absolute greatest experience they’ve ever had buying a car. I want them to get that experience from you because we all know, even if you have the lowest price, even if you have the exact car they want, there are a lot of people out there today that won’t sign the buyer’s order if are not feeling it.

Now, I know some of you out there are saying, “Frank, man, I don’t got to worry on ups. I’m already booked for the day.” You know what, man, that’s fantastic, that’s great. You got solid appointments, you got referrals, you even got a repeat customer, a be back coming in. Well, hear me out because I can guarantee that even those people, you know, the ones you think are going to be easy deals, even they have a little anxiety about how their time with you is going to play out. Remember what I said, you have an obligation to yourself, your family, the dealership, and especially to those customers coming in to make their experience truly amazing.

I want you to show customers the value of your dealership and most importantly in yourself. Show them that your goal is not just to sell him a car. I mean, the customer already knows that’s your job and you know he’s going to buy one from somebody, somewhere. Your goal is to be so amazing that they can’t think of any reason to buy a car from anyone but you. How can you do that? Well, let me give you some ideas. Today, one of the biggest complaints from customers, is the amount of time it takes to buy a car, so do everything in your power to save your customers as much time as possible. If you have appointments coming in, be prepared, have the car they are coming in to see pulled up to the front of the store, pull the car up yourself if you can. This will give you an extra opportunity to correct any flaws or items that need attending to before the customer arrives and finds those items himself.

If you see the car’s dirty, go get it washed. If your detail guys are busy, run it through your local carwash yourself. Think about it. If it’s not okay to deliver a dirty car after the customer has said, “Yes.” What suddenly makes it okay to show a dirty car before you’ve even built a relationship with the customer? I think it’s just as important to show the vehicle at its best, when the potential customer is still thinking about buying. And build value in yourself, after of the demo, give customers your cell phone number and encourage them to text or call you if they have questions or problems.

Now, this goes not only for people that buy, but especially for the ones that don’t, because you’ll be so surprised, how many of those people wind up texting you later that same day with questions or to continue to negotiate their deal? Do the little things, like hold the door open, get your guest a bottle of water. Don’t ask them if they want a bottle, just go get them one and give it to them. If your dealership doesn’t supply water bottles for your customers, go out and buy them for yourself. It’s little things like a bottle of water or a can of Coke or holding the door open or having the car pulled up in front with the heat or air conditioning on, that really build trust and start a relationship.

The greatest salespeople I know, the ones in that $150, $200,000 a year range and yeah, there are many salespeople b out there making more than $150,000 a year. They’re the ones that do the little things, even on flats and minis. See, it’s the little things that close deals. It’s the little things that give you the advantage over the guy down the street and the other dealership, you know, the guy that pointed to the water cooler. So let’s bottom line this here, okay people? Be amazing. Do whatever you have to do to make your customers happy. Remember, your goal is to make that customer say, whether they buy you’re not, “Wow, that salesperson at that dealership, he was amazing.” Because trust me, if they say that, they will buy and if they can’t, for some reason that’s beyond your control, they’ll send you someone who will. Now go out there and be amazing.

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