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Ford is offering frustrated Bronco owners $2,500 to buy anything else

Ford has sent letters offering a $2,500 discount to impatient customers sick of having to wait for specific high-end Bronco SUVs that are ordered but delayed due to the ongoing worldwide supply chain disruption.

Customers of Bronco were informed in the letters that they could either wait and do nothing or accept a $2,500 rebate to switch a 2023 Wildtrak order to an Outer Bank, Big Bend, or Badlands series without a molded-in colored hardtop, Sasquatch package, or Lux package that enables more challenging adventure driving.

“While we’re aiming to fulfill every Bronco, we’re giving customers the option to change their order from supply-constrained trims and items, such as Wildtrak and its larger engine, Lux Package, and the molded-in-color roof, in addition to the current price protection,” claims Ford spokesman Jiyan Cadiz. 

The $2,500 refund can also be used toward a Ford Escape, Bronco Sport, Edge, Explorer, Expedition, Ranger, or F-150 pickup truck. These automobiles are in good supply and are available for purchase.

This rebate offer reduces Ford’s profit margin, along with switching to less expensive Broncos.

 According to the message published on the Bronco6x public Facebook page with 79,100 followers, customers have until March 7 to modify an order in order to qualify for the special offer. 

According to Cox Automotive chief analyst Michelle Krebs, “This is a sale that Ford doesn’t want to lose. It would be beneficial if they were able to retain those clients because they don’t want to lose a customer to a rival brand. For example, a consumer could visit Jeep, where there is a huge supply.”

Krebs notes, the average amount of time that autos are on dealer lots is 56 days. Which is a little surprising that Ford is providing instant satisfaction to those who are waiting.

On dealer lots, Krebs noticed the daily supply of these Ford cars as follows:

  • Escape: 150 days
  • Bronco Sport: 86 days
  • Edge: 115 days
  • Explorer: 82 days
  • Expedition: 67 days
  • Ranger truck: 51 days
  • F-150 pickup: 74 days
  • Jeep Wrangler, by contrast, has a 102-day supply

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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