Finding your D.R.I.V.E. to succeed

Go to work ready to make a difference for your customers. Don’t settle for average. Do you have the drive it takes to succeed this morning? Paul Cummings gets you motivated to find your D.R.I.V.E. on today’s Saturday Morning Sales Meeting.


Paul Cummings:
Welcome to the Saturday Morning Meeting on the CBT Automotive Network. I am so jacked about being in this room with you today. I hope you came to work today. Ready to make a difference to your customers. There’s this word that I always have in my mind, this simple little word every day when I get up, because I think it separates sales people from the average. It allows you to be extraordinary. You know what that word is? It’s drive. Drive, drive, drive, drive. So since we’re in the automobile business and we got customers that are coming in today, they’re going to want to drive your car. Let me tell you what you have to drive.

You got to remember this when you get up every single day, that what separates average performers from the exceptional performers is the first letter in that word, drive equals discipline. Discipline means to follow. Listen, you work at a dealership that has a sales process. You work at a dealership that’s wanting to take care of customers. You, individually and collectively, have to operate with a high level of discipline. I’ve seen a lack of discipline derail careers, but I have seen people with immense self discipline go chase down huge dreams, huge goals, produce amazing results.

Are you disciplined in your approach? When you woke up this morning, did you plan your day? Did you walk into this dealership today with a well written, well defined plan of action that you’re willing to hustle and execute around? Do you know the activity you need to create? Do you have your customer list prepared? Are you ready to make your phone calls? Did you bring a positive attitude? Are you operating with discipline?

Paul Cummings:
The R in drive, one of the most important things is respect every opportunity. Listen, today’s automotive consumer comes equipped with immense knowledge. They do research before they come to your dealership. They’ve already eliminated many, many other dealerships because they didn’t like the online experience and they’ve chosen you. They’re closer to buying today when they arrive than they have ever been. It’s more don’t unsell the customer than it is sell the customer. How do we get that done? Respect every opportunity. Remember, they had a choice and they chose you. If you operate with discipline and you operate with respect for the customer experience, you’re going to be able to build a lot more value you.

I, one of the most important things ever is invest in the customer’s wants and needs. Remember this, every customer has a different buying motivation. Every customer has a different buying pattern. They have a different way of hearing information, different personality. Invest in their way of hearing, listening and receiving information. When you invest in the customer experience, when you dial into what’s important to them, every time you make that exchange with a customer, you’re building their respect for you. Discipline, respecting their experience, and then investing in what they want and what they need.

The V. Listen, you need to think victory at all times, victory at all times. You didn’t come here to have an average Saturday. You didn’t come here to do a little bit. You came here today to do everything you possibly can to have the most successful day. Why not sell two? Why not sell three? Why not make this a day when you sell four? Think victory. Well, what does victory mean? Victory means people buy automobiles from people they like and trust.

The first victory you want is to establish likability and trust factors with your customer. What else does victory mean? It means to separate your dealership by giving them an unparalleled experience at every single section of the day that you spend with them. Every part of your sales process think victory.

And the E, and it’s really, really important, elevate. Elevate, elevate, elevate. Whatever you’ve done yesterday, elevate that today. Look at me and just think about this. Can you be 1% more focused today? Can you do a 1% better walk around today? Can you do 1% better at asking questions today? Can you elevate yourself? Can you elevate your smile? Can you elevate the way you greet? Can you make the walk around as good as the best Broadway play that’s ever been produced? The answer is yes, you can, but you have to have that internal drive to accomplish these things. Discipline, respect, invest, think victory, and elevate yourself, every day, every time, without fail, no exception.

In closing, remember this, you can only soar as high as the standards you set in life. Drive your standards up today. Sales managers expect more today. Sales people give more today. Make this the day that you drive at level 10 from the moment you arrive until you go home tonight, victorious.

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