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Enhancing your dealership’s social media strategy with AI — Gail Rubinstein | Retail Resilient

Social media and artificial intelligence have completely transformed the way dealers connect and interact with customers. On this episode of Inside Automotive, host Jim Fitzpatrick is joined by Gail Rubinstein, founder and CEO of Retail Resilient and long-time member of the dealership community, to learn more about the importance of having a robust social media strategy and how managers can best incorporate AI into that strategy.

Dealers can no longer afford to ignore their social media strategy, Rubinstein explains. The internet is where customers gather, converse, purchase and learn; by not integrating themselves into online communities, businesses put their brands at a disadvantage. Although most retailers have made significant strides towards upgrading their digital marketing practices, much progress needs to be made. “I think that dealers just are really not educated on what they can do with [social media],” she remarks, “and so I think it’s really important to get the word out to them that there is a whirlwind of opportunities…for organic social and paid social.”

One of the top social media strategies dealers should begin employing online is that of employee-generated content. Team members in the sales and service departments hold immense marketing power due to their personal networks of acquaintances, families and friends. By encouraging technicians and salespeople to post about their job and take on an “influencer” role, storefronts can grow their audience much faster than through typical digital marketing methods. “They’re allowing their staff to be an entrepreneur within the overall brand of the dealership,” remarks Rubinstein, although she cautions that businesses should be sure to create a best practices agreement with staff to minimize the risk of inappropriate behavior.

Today’s social media strategy is starting to rely more and more on artificial intelligence, which is why dealers must begin to integrate new technologies into their toolkits. Rubinstein notes that many of her clients have devised excellent uses for AI platforms such as ChatGPT. One of the biggest advantages to be gained from using these services is time. By allowing technology to speed up the process, dealers will free up time for outreach and content creation.

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Colin Velez
Colin Velez
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