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Driving efficiency in dealership service operations — Tom Druzynski | West Herr Automotive Group

Tom Druzynski joins Inside Automotive to share tips and strategies for improving efficiency in dealership service operations

Efficiency is everything when it comes to dealership service operations, with customer satisfaction often contingent upon the speed of their appointment. However, in a constantly evolving industry, the needs of a fixed-ops department are subject to frequent change, making it difficult to consistently meet wait time goals.

On this episode of Inside Automotive, host Jim Fitzpatrick is joined by Tom Druzynski, director of service operations at West Herr Automotive Group. A veteran technician and fixed-ops manager, Druzynski shares his insights into the latest technological innovations and best practices driving service efficiency and improving customer satisfaction.

Key Takeaways

1. Time is a critical resource in automotive service operations. Managing time efficiently and ensuring technicians have the tools and environment to work effectively are central to productivity and profitability in service departments.

2. Service operations have largely transitioned from paper to electronic systems, allowing dealerships to utilize technologies such as video multi-point inspections, which allow technicians to walk car owners through a diagnosis from the comfort of their homes. These innovations showcase the evolving nature of service operations and the importance of staying current with technological advancements.

3. Video multi-point inspections enhance transparency, build trust, and improve customer service index (CSI) scores. This approach also helps to increase customer satisfaction and service uptake.

4. The lack of qualified technicians has proven to be a challenge for dealership service operations. Offering competitive pay, career advancement opportunities, and recognizing the value and complexity of the technician’s role are essential strategies to attract and retain talent in a competitive market.

5. Customer wait times are an important factor in gauging your dealership’s service operation efficiency. To provide prompt service, service teams must account for factors like location, time of year, and specific dealership challenges, underlining the importance of efficient management.

“Video is the new key. If you're not utilizing video multi-points and sending that directly to customers, you're really missing an opportunity for a chance to build credibility very quickly. Technicians actually enjoy making the videos and the sending is pretty simple.” — Tom Druzynski

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