Don’t Get Lost In Your Own Sales Process


A sales process ‘roadmap’ is made to keep you on course to close a deal. Sometimes when you stray from the dotted path you are hurting yourself more than the customer. Grant Cardone wants to keep you on the right path and tells you how to do so in today’s Tip Of The Day.


Your sales process is for you, it is not for the customer. Look, when you’re violating your sales process and jumping around, and I’ve done it. Look, I did it this week. I didn’t know where I was at in my own process.

When you don’t know where you are in your own process, what happens? First thing that happens is, your certainty goes down.

You start guessing and thinking, “Where am I? Am I on step one, step two, step three, step four? Where am I? Oh, no, I’m on step six. I should be on step four.” Whatever your process is, the reason you want to have one and the reason you don’t want to violate it, the reason you want to put some structure into your sales process is not for the customer, it’s not for your manager, it’s not for the dealership, it’s for you.

It’s so you know where you are so it creates certainty because, without your certainty, without your confidence, without your knowing, how can the customer ever be certain about anything? How can the customer know what they want to buy or who they want to buy from?

So remember, don’t violate the sales process. Get it laid out, believe in it, use it, stay on it to increase your own certainty.


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