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Healthy Auto Market Drives Great Q1 Performance – Kerrigan Report | Trump Leaves G7 Summit Early | Dealers Worried Over Rising Interest Rates

Today on – Monday, June 12th, 2018:

Healthy Auto Market Drives Great Q1 Performance – Kerrigan Report
As we close out the first quarter and tally up the numbers for May, the industry seems to move forward with a healthy stride. To learn more on what drove this past quarter to be a success and what we can expect for the remainder of 2018, Erin Kerrigan, Managing Director for Kerrigan Advisor joins Bridget Fitzpatrick and CBT News to talk details. Watch Now

The Importance of a Dealership’s Mission, Vision and Values
You may have heard the phrase “company culture” tossed around corporate meetings, memos and materials lately. It’s becoming increasingly popular to use company culture as a way of enticing prospective employees, and to boost productivity and morale. But just what does this nebulous term refer to? Better yet, how can you make company culture work for you and your dealership? Read More

Proven Techniques To Keep Customers For Life
Regardless of what industry you’re in, losing customers is not pleasant as a business owner. It’s even worse if you lose those customers to a rival. In the longer run, it’s most cost-efficient to keep current customers than to find newer ones. In the automotive industry, it is 5% easier to sell products to current customers than to new customers. This is because it can cost 6 to 7 times more to attract a new customer than to simply keep an existing one. Read More

CBT News
CBT Automotive Network is a multimedia broadcast platform serving automotive professionals. With interviews featuring the biggest names in the industry, daily newscasts following top stories, up-to-date market data, and exclusive articles covering the latest industry trends, CBT is the leading voice of the retail automotive industry.

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