Digital marketing methods for today’s car dealership

What’s working for you in digital marketing today and what needs to be revamped? As more consumers make purchases online, it is critical for you to have an effective approach. On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome Noah Lee, Director of Sales Engineering for to share his insight and top tips for digital marketing. 

18 months into some significant changes to the auto industry, there’s clearly been a shift in consumer behavior towards online digital buying. This has undoubtedly affected car dealers’ sales strategy, and their ability to remain competitive.

A fire was lit under most dealers to invest in a digital retailing solution when COVID-19 shut down dealership showrooms. There was an increase in demand for digital retailing tools, however many dealers lacked an overall strategy to make these tools effective.

Lee says that many dealers need to overhaul their sales processes as well as the dealership culture that supports them. Jeff Wyler Automotive Family is a good example of really embracing a ‘DR’ workflow.

Now, the industry is facing inventory shortages and dealers are selling vehicles for record margins. Lee says that having strong digital retailing processes ahead of when market conditions slow down, is crucial for success.

To help dealers with this influx of online consumers, digital marketers have to ensure that they are getting enough of the right, digital traffic. With the end of third-party cookies, Less says that making marketing strategies have now been thrown out the window. Cox Automotive has prepared for these changes with its first-party data network across all platforms. This network allows digital marketers to identify in-market shoppers with a higher degree of accuracy.

To keep up with today’s evolving consumer demands, dealers need to constantly evaluate their dealership’s digital marketing practices. For starters, car dealers need to serve up customized content to in-market shoppers. Customers today want white-glove service through every stage of the car buying journey.

Therefore, dealers should utilize the digital data analytics tools and platforms available for them. Lee adds that they should set up a free Google Analytics account if they haven’t already as well. To further address these concerns, offers its own analytics platform which works in conjuction with other metrics. 

Additionally, completed an entire redesign of Accelerate My Deal. Lee says that the redesign focused on the following methods:

  1. Increasing conversion rate with the tools available
  2. Increasing the volume of deals and opportunities
  3. Improving the closing rate of those deals and opportunities
  4. Improving the sales process, for both the consumer and the retailer

In light of the many digital-first and technological advances, dealers still need basic fundamental, tried-and-true sales methods to incorporate into their approach. If dealers can get consumers to take more steps in the digital retailing process, they end up happier with the overall sales process. 

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