Deliver The Experience That Every Customer Expects.

deliver the experience

Deliver the experience

Can you deliver the experience that every customer expects? With today’s rapidly evolving car buying process, it can be challenging to keep up. Luckily cox automotive has best practices from top performing dealers that will help your store perform better today.

Start with a transparent business model that is consistent throughout the purchase process. When your shopper arrives for an appointment, have vehicles washed and positioned in from the the dealership with a reserved sign before they arrive.

Make sure your staff is trained to discover what the customer already knows and wants to know. This saves time and shows respect to potential buyers.

Every response to a shopper should be personalized and answered within 10 minutes via their preferred methods. End it with a question to encourage a customer response. Then follow-up on a 180 day cycle to continue engagement.

Practices like these will ensure a 20 percent closing ratio, higher CSI scores and more satisfied customers who will give you positive testimonials and endorsements.