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Report identifies six customer journey challenges the auto industry faces

Customer feedback and surveys have unveiled areas in the auto retail industry that need to change for a better sales experience as well as...

Did the pandemic shorten the path to a more transactional dealership...

Covid-19 hit like a shock wave in March 2020, shutting down dealerships, impelling them to adopt digital retailing (DR) as a low-touch transaction alternative...

Things to consider when hiring an inexperienced F&I manager

Staffing the F&I department can be a tricky minefield to navigate. Do you hire from within and train someone up from sales or do...

Why soliciting reviews is a solid business plan for dealerships

The digital automotive marketplace and solutions provider has hit a milestone, achieving 10 million customer reviews for local dealers on their platform. For...

Ways to effectively market your dealership

Marketing and advertising your dealership can sometimes get complicated. Do you do TV commercials or YouTube? Is online important, or should you ignore it?...

Coach, Consultant, and Mentor: How they differ and why it matters

It seems as though we confuse the differences between coaching, consulting, and mentorship. It’s completely understandable because I often see websites, posts and articles...

Three trends in digital engagement that will impact the auto industry...

2020 was a disruptive year for many industries, including the automotive industry. Car sales were down by an estimated 15 percent in 2020, mostly...

Top four opportunities in driver’s experience for automotive manufacturers

There's a lesson to be learned from Tesla and its ascent to the status of most valuable car manufacturer in the world. The leapfrog,...
car loan

Trim the time in the F&I office for improved CX

An extended in-dealership visit continues to be a pain point for car shoppers with the finance and insurance process often dominating the clock. One...
test drive

Rethinking the test drive to unlock new revenue

There’s no doubt COVID-19 accelerated automotive retailers’ digitization efforts. Evolving consumer preferences for personalized, on-demand service that doesn’t require a dealership visit mean the retail environment now...