David Kain on adapting your dealership’s BDC to new consumer trends

David Kain

It’s no secret that the retail automotive market is changing rapidly in the wake of COVID-19. This is the first time that many everyday practices are moving fully online. Digital retailers such as Vroom and Carvana are simplifying the vehicle appraisal and purchase process for car shoppers, making them popular options for many consumers. Digital retailing here, it’s happening, so are you prepared?

Here to share everything your dealership needs to know about adapting to this ‘new normal’ is industry expert and president and owner of Kain Automotive, David Kain. Today, Kain discusses current consumer trends that dealers need to be aware of as digital retailing continues to grow, and his 16th Annual Clients and Friends Digital Success Workshop. This year’s workshop has gone virtual, and you won’t want to miss it.

In this segment, Kain and anchor Jim Fitzpatrick tackle the following:

  • BDC trends that have evolved since the start of the pandemic
  • The challenges that dealers can expect as they move away from BDC to internet sales
  • Best practices that dealers should adhere to
  • The importance of additional BDC training
  • The Kain Clients & Friends Digital Success Workshop, taking place this November, the 10th through the 12th
  • What dealers can expect from the workshop
  • What should dealers be prioritizing as we move into 2021

In addition to being the President of Kain Automotive, he is also the host of Kain & Co. right here on CBT. Having been in automotive his entire life, it was only natural for Kain to move on to training and consulting others. He is seen as an industry authority and thought leader in many regards.

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