Daily Newscast: Grant Cardone: How to handle a bully negotiator | How to figure out what buyers want and when they want it | Ford’s top designer on winning over today’s female buyer



On Today’s Newscast for Tuesday April 4, 2017:

Is your dealership connecting with online buyers the right way?
When it comes to figuring out what buyers want and when they want it, it may be difficult to decide how to use your data. We caught up with Jeff Garris, Director of Business Development at Mercedes-Benz of Buckhead, to find out what his dealership is doing.
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Grant Cardone: How to Handle a Bully Negotiator
In the current issue of Car Biz Today Magazine, New York Times Best-Selling author and trainer, Grant Cardone, suggests two things when it comes to dealing with bully negotiators. Figure out what they’re able to buy and avoid becoming argumentative.
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Ford’s top designer on winning over today’s female buyer
Time’s Clay Chandler sat down with Ford designer Chelsia Lau to find out more about her journey as a female designer in the male-dominated auto industry in this interview from Fortune Magazine.
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5 Ways To Improve Your Customer Service
The pace of technology is ever-quickening. Feel like your business is struggling to keep up? It’s no secret that the online marketplace has forever changed our business. Whenever we feel the push of technology, along with getting the push we need to learn something new, we remind ourselves to focus on what has always helped us to stand out — customer service.
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