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High Achievers Vs. Amateurs – Joe Verde | How the Right Training Can Earn Your Dealership an Extra Month of Sales – Sean Gardner

On today’s CBT Newscast for Wednesday, April 11th, 2018:

Joe Verde: High Achievers Vs. Amateurs
The Joe Verde Group is passionate about the industry and the success that’s grown within. Joe Verde has spent decades in the automotive retail industry or what he refers to as “the best business in the world”. For many of those years, he has been training the next rising stars in dealerships across the nation. Thankfully, CBT News had time to catch up with Joe and talk about his new book, Growth- High Achievers Vs. Amateurs and what he hopes readers will learn from it. Watch Now

The Right Training Can Earn Your Dealership An Extra Month Of Sales
Sean Gardner has spent twenty-one years immersed in the automotive retail industry and is just as motivated and optimistic about the future than ever. Jim Fitzpatrick, of CBT News, had the opportunity to speak with Garden from The Verde Group and talked about common mistakes made during the sale process, what it means to provide red carpet experience, and how the right training can help you make an extra month of sales. Watch Now

Turn Your 8-Car Alans into 30-Car Theos

While entire books have been written on what it takes to be a top seller in the car business, the fact is that nearly all the differences between your 8-Car Alans and your 30-Car Theos can be boiled down to two very simple realities: Attitude and Activity. Regardless of what else you think separates the top from the bottom, chances are it finds its roots in (and can be solved with) attitude or activity. The good news is that sales managers can and should drive both. The great news is that driving these is relatively easy to do. Read More

Why You Should Pay Attention to Facebook Marketplace for Autos
In October 2017, Facebook made a push to expand the sale of used cars under its ever-expanding Marketplace platform. From its start as a simple classified ads platform, Facebook Marketplace has evolved quickly as the preferred site to buy and sell. Read More

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