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Dealership valuations remain robust, Inside the tentative deal between GM and UAW, Tesla integrates AI assistant for EVs

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Brian Pasch describes how he came up with the concept of dealerships offering a "concierge customer experience" during a conversation with a buddy.Creating a concierge experience for car buyers: Tips for dealers – Brian Pasch
On the latest episode of Auto Marketing Now with Brian Pasch, Founder of PCG Companies, Pasch discusses how dealerships can utilize SMS messaging to set themselves apart in the coming years. Watch the full segment here

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Dealership valuations remain optimistic but a growing number of retailers are starting to feel less confident toward the coming months.Most auto retailers have remained confident in their dealership valuations throughout the 2023 buy-sell market, but a growing number are starting to feel less certain due to demand and profit-margin pressures. According to the Kerrigan Dealer Survey, hosted by buy-sell firm Kerrigan Advisors, 52% of dealers believe their businesses’ value will hold steady over the next 12 months, while 21% expect to see an increase. Read More

The United Auto Workers has revealed that GM will invest $13 billion into its facilities and raise wages by 27% under its new contract.
Pictured: United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain

United Auto Workers leaders on Saturday detailed the union’s tentative agreement with General Motors, the last of the Detroit-Three automakers to reach a deal. According to the UAW’s announcement, General Motors employees will receive a 27% raise over the next four years, assuming the deal is ratified by union members. Additionally, the contract promises to re-implement cost-of-living adjustments and accelerate paths to top wages for new hires. Read More

Musk's xAI technology business has made a significant announcement, presenting its first product- Grok AI assistant, a new age for Tesla cars
Elon Musk Reveals AI Assistance | TS2 Space

Elon Musk’s xAI technology business has made a significant announcement, presenting its first product and ushering in a new age for Tesla vehicles. Tesla enthusiasts and the tech community were excited when Musk made hints about the prospect of an AI assistant integrated into Tesla vehicles. Musk announced earlier this year the launch of xAI, a new AI business that will collaborate closely with Tesla. Read More

Volvo 2025 EX30 | J.D. Power

The Volvo five-passenger EX30 may be the first electric vehicle to reach America’s mass market. The Swedish luxury brand’s small SUV will arrive in U.S. Dealerships by early 2025. The EX30 is primed to transform American’s perception of electric vehicles and make innovative technology accessible to a wide range of consumers. Read More

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Explore 5 key initiatives for fostering collaboration and driving success across dealership departments, from a CFO's perspective.5 ways to knock down silos and build bridges across dealership departments
If there is one thing I have learned in my 20+ years working in auto dealerships, it is that an auto dealership, at the end of the day, is very much the sum of its parts. Dealerships are deeply complex organizations and their departments have, historically, operated as a series of separate businesses.  Read More

In many markets, qualified technicians have their choice of employer. Creating a strong and inviting brand separates you from the competition.How your dealership can find stellar automotive technicians
Hiring technicians today is more than putting bodies in service bays. These team members have to have the right skill set, possess a strong work ethic, be able to get along with others and understand customer needs. Read More

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