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Tesla plans to integrate Grok AI Assistant into its EV lineup

Speculation implies that it might replace the present voice command mechanism.

Elon Musk’s xAI technology business has made a significant announcement, presenting its first product and ushering in a new age for Tesla vehicles. Tesla enthusiasts and the tech community were excited when Musk made hints about the prospect of an AI assistant integrated into Tesla vehicles.

Musk announced earlier this year the launch of xAI, a new AI business that will collaborate closely with Tesla. Although the company’s stated goal is to “understand the true nature of the universe,” its initial effort is actually to create an AI assistant, or chatbot, similar to ChatGPT.

xAI describes Grok AI as “An AI designed to answer nearly any question and, in a more difficult feat, to even recommend which questions to ask! It is based on the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Grok is meant to respond to inquiries with a hint of humor and a rebellious attitude.” 

The business claims to be utilizing the data from X, and Musk revealed that it will be made available directly on the social media network via its premium membership plan.

Regarding Tesla, according to an early beta tester, a “smaller quantized” version of Grõk will operate “natively” in Tesla cars by utilizing the available local computing capacity. 

Although the precise function of Grok in Tesla vehicles remains unknown, speculation implies that it might replace the present voice command mechanism. The tweet from xAI brought attention to Grok’s SuperPrompt context window, which may have a character limit of 25,000 and express a preference for live material. Additionally, xAI is developing an API for Grok that will likely have capabilities for image and voice recognition.

Musk revealed that xAI subscribers who select the Premium Plus tier, with monthly membership options beginning at $16, will get access to Grok.

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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