UAW rejects Stellantis offer, affordability improves, reputation drives success

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misunderstandingsHow to steer clear of misunderstandings in the dealership – Matt Easton | Easton University
Misunderstandings can be costly, so knowing how to effectively communicate is essential before you get to that often dreaded point. On today’s episode of Inside Automotive, we’re joined again by Matt Easton, Sales Coach, Consultant, and the Founder of Easton University, to learn how to avoid misunderstandings that could cost you money in business and headaches in life. Watch full segment here.

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United Auto Workers president Shawn Fain shot down a 21% wage increase proposed by Stellantis, prolonging the union's strike.

United Auto Workers president Shawn Fain called a 21% wage increase proposed by Stellantis a “no-go” over the weekend, with the union now entering its fourth day of striking. The proposal replaced the automaker’s previous offer of a 17.5% increase and would have introduced a 10% pay raise immediately after the contract was signed. Stellantis also offered to end wage tiers at its facilities, which have prevented newer workers from earning the same rates as long-term employees. Read More

United Auto Workers president Shawn Fain noted that talks with Detroit-Three automakers were progressing slowly, despite an ongoing strike.

Negotiations between United Auto Workers representatives and Detroit-Three executives are proceeding slowly despite ongoing strikes, according to remarks by UAW president Shawn Fain. Speaking on CBS’ “Face the Nation” over the weekend, Fain said “progress is slow,” as the union rejected an offer from Stellantis that would have increased pay by 21%. United Auto Workers leaders are seeking a 46% wage hike over the next four years to match the average income growth of top OEM executives. Read More

As new vehicle affordability increased again in August income and vehicle market fundamentals continued to benefit customers.As new vehicle affordability increased again in August, extending the monthly trend of moderate improvement throughout the year, income and vehicle market fundamentals continued to benefit customers. This time, robust income growth and increased incentives were sufficient to counterbalance higher prices and stable but high interest rates. Despite a minor rise in pricing, the average payment also climbed. Read More

Reputation unveiled its annual report on the auto sector after examining 5.5 million reviews to gain insight on the overall auto industry.Reputation, the industry pioneer in reputation experience management, unveiled its annual report on the automotive sector after examining 5.5 million customer and service reviews to gain insights into the changing attitudes of buyers, the effectiveness of customer reviews in influencing sales, and the qualities of the world’s best dealerships. The report discovered that customer reviews are the single most significant component for vehicle decision-making using data analysis from Reputation’s AI-powered platform and an annual poll that evaluates consumers’ purchasing preferences. Read More

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With all the buzz surrounding the UAW strikes, many customers will be anxious about their current or future vehicle purchases.

Navigating the UAW strikes: A guide for dealers on effective customer communication
The automotive industry is no stranger to challenges, be it the global computer chip shortage or the recent impact of the pandemic. The newest hurdle? The United Auto Workers (UAW) union has decided to carry out strikes against the Big Three automakers. This raises a pressing question for dealerships: how should you communicate with customers during this uncertain time? Read More

We've put together a few general and a few specific ideas that could improve your dealership's website conversion rate quickly.Proven strategies to boost your dealership’s website conversion rate
Most of car shoppers first learn about your dealership and vehicles from your website. That’s why having a dealership website that gets customers in the door is so important. We’ll discuss a few general and specific ideas and concepts that could improve your website conversion rate quickly. We intend to say a little more than “Offer chat!” too. Read More

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