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UAW goes on strike, Tesla’s production breakthrough, Toyota reveals next-gen batteries

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Exploring ways to improve dealer marketing efforts by leveraging data – Glenn Pasch
From the rollout of Google Analytics 4, to marketing for EVs, now it’s more important than ever for marketers to understand and leverage data coming into the dealership to connect with consumers. Therefore, it’s also essential to address training in this area. So, on today’s Episode of Inside Automotive, we’re talking to Glenn Pasch, the CEO of PCG Digital and an Auto Marketing Expert, to tell us everything we need to know. Watch the full segment here

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At 10:00 p.m., over 40,000 viewers watched UAW president Shawn Fain on Facebook live as he laid out the preliminary strike strategy.
UAW President Shawn Fain speaking during a Facebook live event on Thursday, September 14

Mere hours before the United Auto Workers’ contract deadline midnight on Thursday, General Motors increased its wage offer to 20% from 18%. Though, it wasn’t enough to placate UAW chief Shawn Fain, who has publicly lambasted every proposal from the Detroit-Three up to this point. By 7:30 p.m., the strike grew all but certain. Ford’s latest proposal increased wages to 20% as well, which was quickly rebuked. Read More

Tesla EVs
Stuff | New Zealand news media

Tesla has merged several advances into a technological breakthrough that could change how it produces electric vehicles and aid Elon Musk in achieving his goal of halving production costs. The business invented the “gigacasting” technology, which reduced production costs and forced competitors to catch up by using massive presses with 6,000 to 9,000 tons of clamping pressure to mold its Model Y’s front and back structures. Read More

Toyota unveiled additional details about the new, advanced batteries that will power its next-generation EV models in 2026.
Image Source: Toyota’s 2026 EV Concept | TOYOTA

Toyota has unveiled additional details about the new, advanced batteries that will power its next-generation EVs after announcing a new battery electric vehicle facility that will begin producing new models in 2026. The Japanese manufacturer will rely on four types of next-generation batteries: one solid-state battery and three new liquid electrolyte battery types. Additionally, The automaker estimates these batteries will power 1.7 million of the 3.5 million BEVs it expects to sell globally by 2030.  Read More

Dan Ball, vice president of aftersales at Mitsubishi Motors

The Mitsubishi Motors MiCAR program now includes Cox Automotive’s top service appointment scheduling tool, Xtime. This gives Mitsubishi dealer partners another powerful tool to guarantee exceptional customer service. Mitsubishi dealers are well-positioned to take advantage of Cox Automotive’s cutting-edge technology with Xtime to meet and surpass the rising standards of their service customers. Read More

For Dealers 

How to make customer feedback part of your dealership’s growth strategy
In today’s highly competitive market, dealerships are continuously searching for new and creative ways to gain a competitive advantage. One often underestimated resource that can provide invaluable insights is customer feedback. The purpose of this article is to change your perspective on customer feedback, highlighting its potential as a strategic asset that has the power to drive growth for your dealership. Read More

Image source: Jim Koons Automotive

Weekly roundup: Asbury acquires Jim Koons dealerships, Toyota’s Tri-Gen power, Ford’s hybrid F-150 ambitions
Earlier this week:
Asbury Automotive Group expanded its reach with the landmark acquisition of Jim Koons Automotive, which included 29 car brands across 20 storefronts. In sustainable energy news, Toyota partnered with FuelCell Energy to unveil a groundbreaking “tri-gen system” for renewable power. Meanwhile, Ford reacted to consumer hesitations about all-electric pickups by ramping up production for its hybrid F-150s. Lastly, Toyota provided a sneak peek into its future EV strategy, and more headlines to stay on top of this week in automotive industry news
Read More

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