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Ford pulls back on dealer EV mandates, robust repair orders in Oct., cold temps affect EV driving range

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How this Texas dealership is revolutionizing the sector – Evelyn Sames | Sames Auto Group
Texas’s oldest dealership, and one of the oldest in the nation, belongs to the family-owned Sames Auto Group. Since its start in 1910, the group has grown to include 19 dealerships in its portfolio, three of which were added in October. On the latest episode of Inside Automotive, we’re joined by the 5th-generation CEO, Evelyn Sames, to learn more. Watch the full segment here.

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Ford lowers its requirements for dealers to participate in its EV certification program due to claims that it violates state franchise laws
Ford Authority

Ford has lowered the requirements for dealers to participate in its voluntary electric vehicle certification program in response to 26 dealers’ claims stating that Ford’s EV dealer program breaches Illinois state franchise laws. The announcement to dealers coincides with a retreat in EV plans by Ford and other automakers as the adoption curve flattens. For example, executives at BlueOval postponed $12 billion in planned EV spending after the company’s Model e EV and software business segment reported a $1.3 billion loss in the third quarter. Read More

Service centers continued to see strong earnings and demand throughout October, even as the industry grapples with fluctuating sales.Dealers continued to see demand and profit in the service center throughout October, with revenues and work volumes remaining strong despite industry-wide instabilities stemming from the United Auto Workers strike. Service center revenues improved 0.6% from September and 3.4% from October 2022, according to Cox Automotive’s latest Xtime data report. In previous years, fixed-ops earnings have typically weakened in the months following October, benefitting modestly from the holiday season but taking a turn near the start of the new year. Read More

Electric vehicles display varying levels of driving range loss in cold weather according to EV research firm Recurrent.Electric vehicles experience surprisingly variable degrees of driving range loss due to cold weather based on model and design, according to new research. Virtually all EV drivers experience range loss during the winter due in part to a variety of mechanical and chemical factors and the relatively high power consumption of interior heating devices. However, the degree to which cold weather impacts a battery can vary significantly. Read More

Rivian announced on November 20 that CEO RJ Scaringe would take direct control of all product development, effective immediately.Rivian announced on November 20 that CEO RJ Scaringe would take direct control of all product development, effective immediately, as the electric vehicle manufacturer prepares to debut and introduce its new, more affordable vehicle lineup. According to the company, Nick Kalayjian, the current chief product development officer, would become executive vice president of vehicle engineering and production before transitioning into an advisory role. Read More

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The motivations women may choose electric vehicles are varied but often revolve around environmental consciousness, cost savings, and technology adoption.Women owners of electric vehicles: tapping into a growing market
As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain popularity, it is crucial for automotive retail businesses to understand and cater to diverse consumer segments. In recent years, women have emerged as a significant force in the EV market. Today, we’ll explore some of the statistics on women owners of electric vehicles, sheds light on their motivations, and provides insights into effective marketing and sales strategies to engage and attract this growing demographic. Read More

Establishing a connection with car buyers over the phone involves multiple elements, like active listening, empathy, cle­ar communication.Building rapport with prospective car buyers over the phone
Deve­loping strong rapport with potential car buyers over the phone is crucial for sales professionals in the automotive industry. It involves establishing a ge­nuine connection, comprehe­nding the buyer’s require­ments, and assisting them in finding the perfect vehicle. Read More

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Jaelyn Campbell
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