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How this Texas dealership is revolutionizing the sector – Evelyn Sames | Sames Auto Group

Texas’s oldest dealership, and one of the oldest in the nation, belongs to the family-owned Sames Auto Group. Since its start in 1910, the group has grown to include 19 dealerships in its portfolio, three of which were added in October. On the latest episode of Inside Automotive, we’re joined by the 5th-generation CEO, Evelyn Sames, to learn more. 

After 114 years in the business, Sames stands upbeat about the status of the economy despite having to deal with several recessions, depressions, and currency devaluations in addition to living near the Texas–Mexico border. Despite more than a century’s worth of difficulties, the Sames Auto Group remains stronger than ever.

Key Takeaways:

1. Many dealers have been taken aback by the buzz surrounding electric vehicles because they represent a significant change for the sector. “I know electric vehicles are coming, and we’re ready for them,” claims Sames.

2. Nevertheless, it remains unclear if the move to electric vehicles is being led by the government or by consumers. Sames Auto Group’s main purpose is to assist its customers. 

3. Nowadays, many customers desire to buy their cars mostly online thanks to technological improvements. However, Sames believes that “online usage is to cater to those shoppers who want information.” In order to meet their specific needs, they are comparing prices and products. When customers have what they require, they enter the dealership to build those personal relationships. 

4. Regarding encouraging more women to enter the industry, Sames adds, “Every female employee at our dealership is encouraged to work in every department, and they do so because of how we treat our staff.”

5. The Sames Auto Group does not have any more acquisitions planned for the upcoming year despite having just purchased three dealerships along the Texas-Mexico border. 

“Most of our business is built around our customers” – Evelyn Sames

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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