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Ford, Rivian, Toyota boost April EV registrations, Honda accused of violating workers’ rights; Toyota recalls 145,000 vehicles

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Ford, Rivian, and Toyota drive April EV registration growth in the U.S. Read More

Honda was accused of violating workers’ rights amid union organizing efforts. Read More

Toyota recalls 145,000 Grand Highlander and Lexus TX vehicles over airbag deployment issues. Read More

North America’s EV battery manufacturing capacity is set to quadruple by 2030. Read More

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Baer notes that personal connections are vital in persuasion because they directly link the message and the recipient's interests.The secret to persuasion: making it personal – Jay Baer
Personal connections are incredibly powerful, whether you’re making a sales pitch or engaging in casual conversation. In the latest episode of CBT Now, we’re excited to explore this topic with Jay Baer. Baer is a Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Business Growth and Customer Experience Advisor, and Author, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the discussion. Watch the full segment here.

I’m Steve Greenfield- It’s hard to believe that we’re just over 5 months away from the presidential election, and just days away from the first Biden/Trump debate.EVs take center stage: A crucial issue in the Biden vs. Trump 2024 presidential election
Welcome back to the latest episode of The Future of Automotive on CBT News, where we put recent automotive and mobility news into the context of the broader themes impacting the industry. Watch the full segment here.

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CDK Global halted operations due to a cyberattack, Ford updated its dealership program, and UAW workers approved new contracts.Weekly roundup: CDK Global cyberattack disrupts 15,000 dealerships, U.S. trade groups seek extension on Chinese tariffs, Ford updates dealership program
Earlier this week:
CDK Global halted operations due to a cyberattack affecting over 15,000 dealerships. A coalition of American business groups requested the Biden Administration to extend the comment period. Ford updated its dealership floorplan assistantship program for the first time in two years. UAW workers at the Ohio assembly plant approve new contracts with a huge wage increase. Recurrent study reveals how high temperatures impact EV range. Toyota and Pepco team up to explore vehicles to gird technology. Retail used vehicle sales in May saw a significant increase, marking the highest level this year.
Read More

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