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Dealers and cybersecurity, new Grand Highlander, Lucid substitutes credits

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cybersecurity threats, cyberattacksResearchers are increasingly warning automotive businesses that their operations are vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. According to AT&T’s Head of Cybersecurity Evangelism Theresa Lanowitz, dealers are often an easy target for hackers due to their staff’s lack of familiarity with “security hygiene.” Analysts warn that manufacturers are also poorly guarded against digital attacks. Earlier this week, it was revealed that Toyota was forced to repair a flaw in a critical employee application, after a researcher discovered a way to easily gain unauthorized access. Later this year, new rules from the Federal Trade Commission will require car retailers, and other businesses, to adopt new cybersecurity protocols to better protect themselves and their customers. Read More

Toyota 2024 Grand Highlander

Toyota unveiled the new Grand Highlander this Wednesday in a prelude to the 2023 Chicago Auto Show. The new vehicle is larger than its best-selling predecessor, and will be available in three trims in addition to hybrid variants. The automaker has yet to announce pricing, although it expects the vehicle to be purchasable by this summer. The Grand Highlander joins an expanding market for three-row midsize crossovers, spurred by a 4% increase in sales since 2018. Read More

auto workersThis Wednesday, the Department of Labor revealed a collaboration with Mercedes-Benz to offer career development opportunities in the automotive industry for young workers. The partnership will enable 16 to 24 year old students in the department’s Job Corps program to take an auto technician curriculum, using lessons, tools and other resources provided by the automaker. Participants will also receive education on emerging car technologies such as electric vehicles. The classes are available at campuses in Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Utah. Read More

Lucid creditsEV automaker Lucid has announced that some customers of its Air Touring and Air Grand Touring models will still be eligible for a $7,500 credit, after the vehicles were blocked from EV tax incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act. Although the legislation was recently updated to expand coverage, both of the luxury electric sedans cost nearly double the maximum amount set in the IRA. Instead of a government rebate, Lucid will provide an equal discount to buyers who purchase one of the two cars in qualifying configurations through March. Read More

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BDC3 tasks BDC staff should handle and 3 they should not
The Business Development Center (BDC) is the central nervous system of many auto dealerships. It’s the hub that makes things happen and the lifeblood that keeps customers returning. That’s why BDCs need to be effective, efficient, and organized. It would also be good if the BDC crew spent time on the sales and service floor to see how vital the BDC relationship is to other departments. So here are some tasks that a strong BDC should be doing daily – and some that it definitely shouldn’t. Read More

EQ skillsDevelop and strengthen your EQ Skills
Did you know that the success of leadership star performers is largely attributed to emotional intelligence (EQ) skills, not IQ? Talent Smart, a company that studied EQ in over 1,000 people, notes that up to 90% of the success is due to EQ skills, and in non-leadership star performers, it is about 66%. Do you have the ability to perceive, understand, manage, and use emotions in a positive way? It is an important skill for success in both personal and professional life. Read More

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