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As part of parent company General Motors’s plan to be all-electric by 2035, Buick is the latest brand to announce a timeline for electrifying all of its vehicles, saying this week that it will have a fully-electric lineup in North America by 2030. 

Buick is much more prevalent in China than in the United States, and almost every Buick vehicle is still gasoline-powered. While the brand said it may not be all-electric in China by 2030, this week’s announcement hinted that the new cars would be built in both countries. 

Buick is expected to bring back the “Electra” name that was used for its large sedans until 1990, and it may use the “Wildcat” design concept that was used for its smaller coupes throughout the 1950s and 1960s. All of its EVs, however, will fall under the Electra name. 

The automaker did not provide many specifics about the upcoming models but said that the first vehicle would be an electric SUV, which would be released in 2024. 

Buick was founded in 1899 as Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company and was renamed Buick Motor Company in May of 1903. While the company had a rough start and was close to bankruptcy, it survived and became an essential brand in automotive history. 

GM is looking to sell one million electric vehicles in China, and the U.S. combined in 2025. The automaker has also announced that its luxury brand, Cadillac, will also be all-electric by 2030. 

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