Be More Productive By Planning Your Day


On Today’s Tip of the Day, Mark explains that there are 2 types of people. Find out which you are and how you can be more productive by planning your day.


Today I want to talk to you about planning your day. There are only two types of people, people who plan their day and wing its. Wing its don’t succeed and reach the highest levels. Cannot happen and won’t happen. If you’re going to be a superstar, you have to plan your day.

When and how do you do it? I think you should plan your day the night before. In other words, I want to break it down in one or two hour segments. And I want to look at the dealership normal traffic patterns and phone patterns to see when do most people walk in the store? And when do most people call into the store? And then I plan my day based upon that, and my appointments as well.

You may start off in the morning doing your administration or clerical work, or you may be doing your follow up thank you cards and your mailers, and your follow up phone calls. You may actually spend some time being aware of the floor traffic at a times that’s a peak traffic time. You may be by the phone when you have incoming inbound phone calls at a high traffic time, if you don’t have a BBC that handles it.

So what I want to do is just make sure that I’m planning my day of one or two hour segments that involve everything that I need to do in the day. And yes I know it’s the retail business and things can come in and change on a dime. A customer comes in, I get it. But the reality is if you plan your day of when you’re going to prospect, in store and out. If you plan your day of when you’re going to follow up, if you plan your day of when you’re going to learn, educate, motivate, if you plan your day you will have a much better chance of of succeeding. Do not be a wing it.

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