What does it mean to ‘be adorable’ to a customer?

If you were to walk into a room holding a basket of puppies, everyone would drop what they were doing just to see the puppies. Why? Because puppies are adorable. Hear what David Kain, President of Kain Automotive, means when he tells you to “be adorable” in the dealership, on today’s Saturday Morning Sales Meeting.


Hello, my name is David Kain and welcome to the Saturday Sales Meeting here on CBT Automotive Network. I’m the president of Kain Automotive and we’re an internet and BDC training company. But today I’m here to talk to you about a concept that you can use right away, out on the lot. And it’s something that I’ve coined as, be adorable. So when you think about being adorable, if I were to walk into your sales meeting today and have a basket of puppies or kittens, everybody would put down their books or their smartphones and they’d run over and they’d want to play with the puppies or the kittens because they’re adorable. They’re just naturally adorable. Same thing with a baby. If somebody were to bring a newborn into the room, even the hardest of hearts would probably sit there and break down and say, well, that baby is adorable.

So there was a day to where you were considered adorable too, maybe it was when you were a baby or your behavior in school or the way you behaved around your family members. And certainly your grandparents probably thought you were adorable. But in the automotive industry, we walk away from those things that made us adorable and we utilize old tired language. We want to earn your business or would you take, or if I could, would you? What we’ve got to recognize is customers are afraid of us, any kind of poll that you see. And I’ve been a part of that my whole life. My family became a dealer family in 1952 when my dad started our business. I grew up in our family business. I’ve got eight brothers and sisters, and I will tell you, my father used baby pictures of us to help close deals, probably because we were adorable at that age.

Now I’m not adorable anymore, but I will tell you if you’ll bring an adorable attitude and an adorable demeanor to help your guests, and you really bring the same enthusiasm we used to have when we were discovering things as children, you’re going to do much better and get away from the scientific nature of trying to put a deal together, calculate the deal, the incentives, the trade-in and concentrate on being the best person you can be with your customers when they come into the showroom. They are your guests. And the more likable you are, the more likely they’re going to want to give you their money and do business with you.

So it is up to them to vote on how adorable you are, and that adorability comes from your level of effort. So get out on the lot, let them see you sweat, get your hands dirty, show them how dedicated you are to what’s best for them. And I promise they’re going to consider you adorable, and they’re going to end up driving away in a new car from you today. So give it a shot, go be your very best self. Be likable, be adorable, and I promise, it’ll help you sell more cars today. I’m David Kain and thank you very much for taking a few moments. Please discuss it among your team. And I know you’ll get a little heehaw out of it, but the fact is, it does work and I’d love to help you any way that we can. So go do a wonderful job of being adorable today. Thanks very much for joining me. Bye now.

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