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Some people examine healthy work environments by physical conditions. This is an important consideration within fixed ops, especially when you notice that the Bureau of Labor Statistics claims there were sixty deaths among auto technicians in 2019. However, physical health isn’t the only factor that must be dealt with in this hectic work environment. It’s also critical that your employees’ emotional well-being is supported. 

This guide touches on the top ways to create a healthy work environment in fixed ops. With many of our tips, you don’t have to make huge changes to have a profound impact. 

1. Boost physical well-being

Before you move onto the emotional end of the work environment, you must first ensure it is physically safe. For starters, you want to have the right protective gear available. Whether it’s clothing, gloves, or safety glasses, your team shouldn’t have to worry about where to get this equipment.

Take a peek around the shop and service department to ensure there are no hazards you have overlooked. If slippery floors or maintenance must be dealt with, do that now. Finally, you need to ensure that all the technicians are adequately trained for their job. If you put a regular technician to work on EVs or hybrids, you set them up for failure and danger. 

2. Examine the culture

What is workplace culture? The culture is the character of the operation. It makes the department unique as it envelopes the collective belief, tradition, behavior, and attitude. If your employees are satisfied with the culture in the workplace, they are bound to be happier. 

Consider setting goals and checking in often to encourage a better workplace culture. You should also allow for plenty of humor during this time, as long as it remains professional. You can also start a new recognition program that elevates those who deserve more attention. It’s also helpful to schedule some gatherings that encourage a social connection so that people can learn more about the other workers outside of the professional atmosphere.

The more you make your team feel valued, the more productivity you will see. Plus, once the staff starts to enjoy the dealership culture, there is less chance of them leaving for another position. 

3. Enhance the lifestyle of employees

You can’t do anything about how your workers live at home, but you can make a difference in the time they are at work. Here are a few tips you can implement right away:

  • Enforce lunch and regular breaks
  • Bring more natural sunlight into the area for a brighter attitude
  • Stock the breakroom with healthy snacks and drinks
  • During social gatherings, promote physical activity with some games. 

4. Focus on emotions

If you want everything to run efficiently, you must ensure a solid mental state. Try looking beyond what you can see to examine how your team feels. With a focus on emotional well-being, you help staff members overcome whatever might be slowing them down.

Treat your workers with complete compassion at all times. If they are struggling, be there for them through the difficulty. Not only can you sync up with them regularly, but you can also search out support groups in the area that deal with the same situations. Additionally, you can structure classes around topics that multiple people seem to be dealing with, whether it is helping with budgeting or coping with grief. 

5. Be the dealership everyone wants to work at

It won’t take long before other local technicians find out that you are focused on the complete well-being of the body, mind, and soul at your dealership. Anyone looking for this positive work environment will flock to your dealership for a job. Plus, you will have an easier time retaining employees while other companies are facing massive turnovers. All this comes from a few simple new practices that you implement. 

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