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Even the most dedicated auto retail professionals need healthy outlets outside of the dealership to recharge their batteries.

Dealer downtime: exploring hobbies and interests that fuel auto retail professionals

It’s restating the obvious, but a career in automotive retail requires dedication, energy, and laser-sharp focus. Besides a paycheck, the benefits of this type...
Car sales surged post COVID-19, but an economic downturn looms. Salespeople, here's how to financially prep for the road ahead.

5 things automotive sales professionals can do to plan for a...

Since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the automotive industry, specifically new and used retail dealerships, has experienced an uncanny boom in sales revenues...
work environment

5 ways to create a healthy work environment in fixed operations

Some people examine healthy work environments by physical conditions. This is an important consideration within fixed ops, especially when you notice that the Bureau of...
dealership staff

Ideas to protect dealership staff during National Cancer Prevention Month

February is National Cancer Prevention Month in the United States, focusing on ways to keep Americans healthy and change behaviors that are known to...

How to Tune Up Your Staff’s Health and Keep Them Around...

It’s no secret that healthy employees are more likely to have positive attitudes and more energy to complete tasks at your dealership. Healthy habits...
Health and Wellness

Promote Health and Wellness at Your Dealership

Looking to retain employees and cut operating costs at your dealership? Promoting health and wellness is one powerful way to accomplish both those objectives....