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3 Ways to Boost Holiday Sales at Your Dealership

The holidays are a hectic time of year. Stress runs rampant with obligations to attend parties and events, along with the expectation to spend copious amounts of money on gifts, decorations, and donations of many kinds. With all of this going on, buying a car is often the last thing on shoppers’ minds. If not for insane deals, and tax write-offs for businesses, most of us would not sell a single car from Thanksgiving until the middle of January.

Fortunately, December has the reputation of offering the best deals of the year. The question is, how do you take advantage of this reputation, especially with your competition ramping up their game as well to compete for the holiday spending frenzy?

Here are 3 suggestions:

Host an Event

With everything going on during the holidays, you are competing for attention as much as you are for hard-earned money. Do what you can to add to the season, and perhaps help simplify shoppers’ lives. For example, most parents would like their kids to sit on Santa’s lap during the season. Consider hosting an event with Santa, or even having Santa at your dealership several times throughout the month.

You may also wish to team up with other businesses and sponsor a charity event. Most find it important to give back at this time of year, you can appeal to the Holiday spirit by collecting toys, or food. You could go one step further by offering to donate toys or other goods with every purchase. Getting shoppers to visit your dealership during this hectic time is the first step to selling them a vehicle.

Countdown to Savings

You’ve all heard of the 12 days of Christmas? Well, what about the 12 days of savings, or even 25 days of savings? The holidays are a great time to hold a countdown. Emphasize the limited time shoppers will have to take advantage of huge savings. Highlight a different special for each day of the countdown and work to build on the excitement each day of the countdown, just like the 12 days of Christmas.

This type of promotion has the ability to generate a lot of buzz. Blast this message out to your base to get people talking. You could couple it with a toy drive or food drive to appeal to more holiday sensitivities.

Email and Social Media

We’ve covered the fact that you are competing for attention this time of year. Email is still alive and well and is a great way to stay in front of shoppers. With shoppers getting bombarded with deals every day, you should Increase the frequency of your emails throughout the holidays just to keep up. Make sure that you highlight every deal, every event and every savings opportunity your dealership has to offer this season.

Social media is also important. Make sure you get your holiday messages out in abundance. Make sure you communicate every deal, and every good deed your dealership does this time of year.  If you are highlighting charitable activities, or other unique stories, you will garner more organic interaction and goodwill on social media feeds.

The holidays are like no other time of year because shoppers literally have money burning a hole in their pocket looking for the best place to spend it. With competitors shouting for attention, you will have to shout louder, more often, and with your own unique voice.

Happy Holidays and Happy Selling!

Ken Strong
Ken Strong
Retail automotive veteran and writer for

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