Why now is the time to lean into your dealership’s marketing strategy – John Fitzpatrick


On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome back John Fitzpatrick, Co-Founder and CEO of Force Marketing to discuss the latest updates and news in the automotive industry with regards to marketing trends and strategy.

Labor Day was a key moment for the auto retail industry to fully realize its recovery potential. The feedback that Fitzpatrick is hearing from Force Marketing clients is that the holiday was as good or better for many dealers than in the previous year. Dealers feel that the consumer demand is on par with 2019 and even higher in certain localized markets.

Force Marketing data supports this impression. In fact, consumer demand has plateaued at a high level. Several key indicators including site visits, web traffic, and search volume from the demand side have been strong. Due to this healthy demand, Fitzpatrick recommends that dealers move forward with a comprehensive marketing agenda.

Even if dealers are worried about maintaining hearty supply levels, Fitzpatrick explains, “Pulling back on the marketing when demand is as strong as it is, just because of the supply issues, could you put you in a great deal of hurt in the coming months.”

Fitzpatrick also discusses leaning into technologically-driven marketing strategies like streaming media advertising, leveraging location data, and pursuing an omnichannel approach to the user experience.

For more great insight and expertise from John Fitzpatrick, be sure to watch our entire interview above.

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