Inflation has been affecting the world for years; however, rates have skyrocketed over the last few months. Wholesale prices are also increasing significantly, which hints that the average inflation rate is unlikely to decrease.

Since the beginning of 2022, consumers have noticed a 6.8% increase in wholesale goods. Not including food and gas, which also have seen a sharp and sudden increase, wholesale items this month went up about 0.5%. The reason is hard to detect; however, some economists blame the sudden price increase and inflation on raw materials growing in price.

Surprisingly from April to May, inflation and wholesale prices did not move much. It is not enough of a change, though, to breathe a sigh of relief as many changes in wholesale products and raw materials continue to change because of world events like the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

Russia and Ukraine are the top grain producers in the world. These countries grow and produce grains and flours made with corn and wheat. Since this is the case, the production and the shipping of these items have almost come to a halt, leading to a shortage and a hefty price increase for these products.

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