Mary Barra

General Motors is making waves in the automotive industry as they defy odds and change plans to achieve higher production and sales. The current CEO, Mary Barra, had a lot to say on Monday when she declared with confidence, that the automaker is “selling every truck we can build.”

The CEO shared these comments and ideas during a stakeholder’s meeting this Monday. The latest move and plan for GM pushes truck and SUV car production capacity in North America.

GM is establishing connections by investing heavily in electric cars, the new and upcoming trend in the automotive industry. To increase investments, GM expects to produce higher-priced SUVs and pickup trucks in North America. The sale of large pickup tricks and expensive SUVs makes up most of GM’s yearly profits.

With gas rising, consumers are wary of purchasing high-priced and large vehicles as they typically use more gas. Currently, the average gas price in the United States is $5, and there is no telling when or if this number is expected to decrease. Electric vehicle sales are increasing, which has prompted GM to increase the rate of production to keep up with the demand.

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