Using Social Media to Recruit Top Dealership Talent

social media

Employee recruiting has certainly come a long way from the days of having to walk into an employer’s office and hand the hiring manager a resume. Thanks to the Internet, people can browse for jobs from anywhere in the world and easily apply via computer, tablet, or smartphone. Employers across all industries including the auto industry have recognized the usefulness of social media when hiring and are implementing social media tools when seeking top talent.

Seeking talent on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn is very convenient because most platforms have smartphone apps where candidates can browse jobs in real time as they are posted. Instead of checking your dealership’s Job page on the website, they simply need to refresh the job list in one of these apps. Perhaps best of all for dealerships, hiring options on most social media platforms are free or low cost compared to alternative hiring services.

Social media is great for job seekers but is also useful for dealerships because hiring managers can search and browse for eager candidates who have the skills necessary to fill open positions. This encompasses all types of employees, from administrative to sales and the service lane. social media

There are various ways to attract top talent using social media listings. Simple job descriptions aren’t the only thing that will get the attention of potential talent. Instead, the “About Us” section and community involvement are crucial as well. Sharing blogs, links, and informational videos as well as advertising new and existing services on a dealership’s social media pages can draw people in so they are likely to see the open job postings, too.

Interaction with other social media users is also important because if a dealership responds to social media users’ posts and questions in a positive manner, people will want to work there more. Social media users also expect quick responses, so being “present” and ready to interact is another key to being successful. Posting materials that exhibit a dealership has a unique and/or fun work culture can attract top reliable talent.

Current employees of your dealership can also help recruit top talent through social media by posting job listings and information on their own pages, which can then be shared by other users across the various platforms.

LinkedIn is an excellent resource when looking for top talent, not only because it was specifically created to connect professionals with other people and companies, but also because the platform continues to increase its abilities and search tools, including its “LinkedIn Recruiter” subscription option, which lets businesses search and filter for potential employees.

LinkedIn is extremely useful for a dealership’s hiring manager because it provides a concise overview of applicants’ work history, skills, education, endorsements, recommendations, and more without having to read a resume. LinkedIn also offers the ability for applicants to apply directly on LinkedIn without even having to go to a different website.

LinkedIn’s price of posting jobs is based on a pay-per-click model, so the more visits your job post gets, the more you will pay. Despite not being free, LinkedIn provides you with an estimate up front and lets you set your own budget. Hiring managers can also bid to receive a slot on the “Sponsored Jobs” section, which will promote the job and direct it to decent candidates.

Although Facebook is thought of more as an informal interpersonal connection platform rather than a professional networking platform, it also has a Jobs feature where job seekers can specify their location and filter by distance, job type, and category. The results page is concise and allows hiring managers to submit a brief overview of the job, and each job listing is detailed and features an “Apply Now” option that autofills their work history and education information from their Facebook profile as well as asks various questions if the hiring managers desire.

Just like finding talent on LinkedIn, dealerships can find potential employees on Facebook and not even have to sift through resumes.

Paying for Facebook ads targeted to your key demographics can also help you reach job seekers at a lower price than using a third party hiring resource.

If utilized strategically, social media provides a good opportunity for dealerships to attract talent. Networking and advertising are critical for the success of a dealership, so knowing how to use various online tools can help you find the best employees out there.