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Understanding the latest dealership marketing trends — April Simmons | Horne Auto Group

Dealership marketing trends have evolved rapidly in recent years as consumer preferences and industry conditions have changed. With so much to keep track of, many dealers feel at a loss when it comes to engaging with car buyers, whether online or in-store.

On this episode of Inside Automotive, host Jim Fitzpatrick is joined by April Simmons, corporate internet and marketing director at the Horne Auto Group of Arizona. Simmons shares her insights into how the dealership marketing landscape has changed and the surprising ways in which it has stayed the same.

Key Takeaways

1. Simmons notes that retailers have fallen back into old habits when it comes to dealership marketing, chasing after the latest technological innovations and trends without taking the time to form strategies and build a solid foundation.

2. When it comes to dealership marketing, foundational elements include a variety of areas, from search engine optimization to inventory management.

3. Dealership marketing strategies must evolve to provide a seamless car buying experience, connecting the online and in-store shopping processes. Simmons notes that retailers are late to the game and must begin to reform their practices now to catch up.

4. Simmons notes that website content is crucial for attracting younger car buyers. Millennial and Gen Z consumers want to trust the brands they support and know that they will be treated with respect whether or not they purchase a vehicle. If a dealership’s digital presence fails to convince them of these two traits, the business may lose out on customers.

5. Simmons notes that human interaction will always be a critical component of any solid dealership marketing strategy so long as consumers have control over how they communicate with the business. Whether engaging with shoppers online or in-store, retailers must use tools or practices that allow car buyers to connect in a format that is convenient for them and not the business.

"At this point, perhaps it's not so much that [consumers] have changed; it's just that we're starting to realize 'what are we doing here?'" — April Simmons

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Colin Velez
Colin Velez
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