Organizing Your Organic Traffic


On today’s Tip of the Day, Brian Pasch goes over organic and inorganic traffic and gives you some tips on how to organize these metrics in order to better utilize the data.


Now it’s time for our Tip of the Day, and it’s sponsored by Easy Care and it comes from Brian Pasch.

Dealers who are trying to see which marketing channels are bringing more engaged traffic, know that organic traffic is one of the largest portions of their total traffic channels. But yet, in organic traffic is a mix of things that can be separated to help you make smarter marketing decisions.

The number one keyword that brings people to your website is your dealerships name and that normally pops up your Google My Business listing. By updating the website link with a Google UTM Tag, you can separate traffic that’s coming from Google My Business to your website from other organic traffic.

Why is this important? It helps you to create better ties with reviews and Google My Business traffic and isolates the rest of your traffic for better search optimization. Organic traffic has to be a part of your marketing strategy and this little tip will help clean up that grouping in analytics called organic traffic.

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