Sending a Post-Visit Video of the Vehicle

post-visit video

Does taking a post-visit video of a vehicle and sending it to the customer who was at a dealership looking at that particular vehicle really help connect the customer with the vehicle? David says yes. Find out why on today’s Tip of the Day.


I believe all of you will probably have something like this that you carry around with you each and every day. These smartphones can be great tools when we utilize them properly. I want to talk about one technique in particular that really works great. That is to send the post-visit video of the vehicle. So, oftentimes, and if you think about it, about 80%, maybe 75% of the time if you’re really great, you’ll get customers when they leave, they don’t purchase on that same visit.

Take a video, preferably with you in it in some sort of a selfie format, and send it to the customer. Let them know that the car that you were showing them is still out there, and get them emotionally attached to it. You’d be surprised at how effective that is at building connectivity back to you and your dealership. It really helps generate be backs. Give it a try, I think you’ll be impressed. I’m David Kain, thanks for joining me here on the CBT Automotive Network sales tip of the day.

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