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The Importance of Showing Customers All The New Car Features

Though it might be one of the most poorly performed and neglected parts of the vehicle sales process, performing a good vehicle walk-around is...
Demo Drive

3 Best Practices When Conducting a Demo Drive – David Lewis

The demo drive is often the first time a potential car buyer is feeling a sense of ownership of what could be their next...
test drive

Six Ways to Use the Test Drive to Secure a Sale

So much happens during the car buying experience that it is easy to forget how pivotal the test drive is to the total process....
electric vehicles

Why Are People NOT Buying Electric Vehicles From You?

Shoppers are calling and looking at your electric vehicles. They test drive them, but then seem to lose interest. Your ‘features and benefits’ presentations...

Prepare Your Dealership for Emerging Trends in 2018

It’s been a year of incredible resiliency, growth, and innovation in the automotive industry. Manufacturers like Volvo, Volkswagen, BMW, and many others have committed...
electric car

Hint to electric car dealers: Charge up before the test drive...

To Oscar Gutierrez, electric cars are a “no-brainer.” “Like, seriously,” he said, his arms outstretched, an incredulous look on his face. “You can drive and...
test drive

Turn a Test Drive Into A Sale

Internet Research Takes Out Emotion; Test Drive Puts it Back By Mark Tewart  In that path there are specific things that can be done to increase the...

CBT News – May 11, 2015

On today's show: - Clint Burns, CEO of The Next Up, discusses how geo-fencing technology can make customer demo drives safer for sales associates - Sales...

CBT News – May 1, 2015

On today's show: - Northwood University Department Chair for Automotive Marketing, Elgie Bright, discusses what is being taught to tomorrow's dealership leaders - Larry Dorfman, CEO...