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ActivEngage digital communication tools

Why dealers must have robust digital communication tools to engage car...

As the world grows accustomed to the digital phenomenon, trends, and insights regarding conversations between dealers and car buyers are at the forefront of...
display showroom test-drive

Tesla selling discounted showroom and test-drive vehicles after cuts to production

Tesla is now selling models originally dedicated for showrooms and test-drives after running out of inventory in several locations. The automaker has received no shortage...
test drive

Rethinking the test drive to unlock new revenue

There’s no doubt COVID-19 accelerated automotive retailers’ digitization efforts. Evolving consumer preferences for personalized, on-demand service that doesn’t require a dealership visit mean the retail environment now...

How to Excel at Offering an Exceptional Customer Experience During COVID-19

Like many other businesses, dealership owners now have the task of keeping customers engaged while also accounting for their safety during this COVID-19 crisis. Years...
digital retailing

The Right Time to Move to Digital Retailing?

Throughout the rest of 2020 and potentially for years to come, customers’ senses will be heightened to being among groups of people in public....

The Importance Today of the Sales Walkaround

Car buyers go online, that’s a fact. Think With Google research shows that more than 95 percent of car sales start with the customer...
demo route

Pros and Cons of the Planned Demo Route

  On today's episode of Straight Talk, David Lewis of David Lewis and Associates discusses the pros and cons of a practice that started in the...

Five Ways YouTube Can Fit into Your Dealership’s Marketing Strategy

You may think YouTube is only for cat videos, video game walkthroughs, and beauty tutorials, but car buyers have turned the platform into a...
connected customer

How to Reach and Engage the Connected Customer

There's a new breed of customers buying cars today, a group that is changing the game. These "connected consumers" are typically young shoppers who...
mobile app

Three Pros and Cons of Developing a Mobile App for Your...

As of August 2019, there were 2.46 million apps in the Google Play store, and 1.96 million in the Apple app store. Many companies...