3 Best Practices When Conducting a Demo Drive – David Lewis


The demo drive is often the first time a potential car buyer is feeling a sense of ownership of what could be their next vehicle. Many can even debate that this is when the consumer decides if this is or is not the right purchase for them.

As this aspect of the car buying process has been around scenes the beginning, the approach taken within it has changed over the years. According to David Lewis, President of David Lewis and Associates, as seen in his recently published article found in the August issue of Car Biz Today, this is when a sales associate should let the car speak to the customer and not you.

We learn from David three tips you should remember the next time you embark on the road with a customer. He leads by saying that you should let the car seal the deal. Several mistakes can be made during the demonstration drive Lewis explains, typically the drive time is short, sterile and contains too much talking. This takes away from the consumer’s ability to connect with the vehicle and feel the experience that driving this car provides. So let the car so the talking, nothing you say can change the way it feels to the customer at that moment.

Demo Drive This leads us to his next tip of advice, bring back the emotion. Purchases tend to be made based off of a feeling Whether that feeling is excitement, desire or something else, people buy what makes them feel good. So be a passenger and nothing more. “This is not a time to sell yourself”, David says. “ instead of using the demonstration drive to be unique and different from the competition, avoid the blunder and let them ask the questions.

Finally, remember to let the demo drive do its magic. If you have confidence in your inventory and it’s presentation, they will too. At the end of the day, the car and the buyer make the final decision and often, there’s not much you can say during the drive to influence that. “Silence is truly golden and it can be a salesperson’s best friend.” David explains, “Not only does it give your customer a chance to fully experience the vehicle and all it has to offer: it gives you a chance to see what things are the most important to them”. From there you are able to hone in on what matters and ultimately pitch why with that in mind, this car is the right choice.


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