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New Kia EV6 GT not revolutionary, but a step in the...

The new Kia EV6 GT should be hitting dealership lots in the coming weeks. While the automaker has built up excitement for the vehicle...
video testimonials

Benefits of Video Testimonials

Customer reviews make a big difference in how customers hear and think about your business. Even before COVID-19, video testimonials were gaining attention as...

Reviews vs. Referrals

 Referrals are great, but according to Cory Mosley, reviews are just as important. Find out what the difference is and how they impact your...
online presence

5 Tips to Effectively Manage Your Dealership’s Online Presence

Love it or hate it, at this point the internet isn’t just part of the everyday business: it’s a key employee. Whether it’s shepherding...
customer engagement

The Case For Creating A Director Of Customer Engagement Position

How much do you really know about your customer’s true experience while he or she is shopping for a car? As a dealership manager,...
negative reviews

Tips for Improving Dealership Reviews and Maintaining a Meaningful Online Reputation

The first step in the car-buying journey today is not a physical one, but a digital one. Customers typically spend the bulk of the...

Creating Post-Purchase Surveys That Yield Useful Results

Customer feedback is a valuable tool for businesses of all kinds, and dealerships are no exception. Feedback allows you to fine-tune your operation, strengthening...

The Importance of Your Dealership’s Online Reputation – Chris Snellgrove

Jim Fitzpatrick sits down with Chris Snellgrove with Digital Media Nation to talk about reputation management, the customer experience, and marketing on CBT News. Chris...

How To Ask For GREAT Reviews

The car buying experience is not quite the same as checking into a hotel or dining at a restaurant. It’s not something that you...

5 Ways to Boost Your Dealership’s Reputation

The automotive marketplace is an ever-changing environment, one that’s heavily affected by a dealership’s surroundings and presence. Formerly, a dealership’s reputation was built mainly...