Reviews vs. Referrals


Referrals are great, but according to Cory Mosley, reviews are just as important. Find out what the difference is and how they impact your dealership’s bottom line.

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You know there used to be a time when the referral was more powerful than the review. And that was typically because the review was something that was done by a professional critic of some sort. But today, as you know, your best friend, you, or your sweet granny can be the critic and influence you greatly.

I recently was given a referral by someone I trusted for services I was seeking, but I was compelled to also check the reviews of the business. I found some of the reviews that were less than stellar, and during my research was introduced to another service provider with better reviews and decided to go with them instead of the referral.

What’s my point here? Well, it’s simple. You can no longer simply count on the who else do you know that might be in the market referral question that we’ve been asking for decades. You now have to make a strong effort to get your reviews out there to multiple outlets, not just one, you have to get it syndicated across multiple sources so you aren’t just waiting for the referral bus to pull up to the dealership. You know, the bus that’s supposedly travels with the B back bus, and the fresh up bus crew.