Benefits of Video Testimonials

video testimonials

Customer reviews make a big difference in how customers hear and think about your business. Even before COVID-19, video testimonials were gaining attention as a feedback medium for the many benefits they bring.

However, now, with many companies struggling to stay afloat after extended shutdowns, stay-at-home orders, they are emerging as especially potent tools. Here are four reasons why. 

They Broaden Your Audience and reach

Right off the bat, video testimonials are incredibly effective at extending your brand to otherwise untapped markets. Video is dominating in the digital arena, with no signs of slowing. The medium appeals to all ages and can be easily accessed or shared across multiple platforms. In general, businesses report video increasing their lead generation, and plan to continue using this medium in the future.

video testimonialsVideo testimonials build on the above. As videos, they are easily shared, and because they represent real customers, they’re also likely to be shared widely with friends, families, and other connections, and watched fully. This is especially important now when it’s challenging to employ traditional ad campaigns due to COVID-19. The high and wide shareability of video testimonials ensures your message cuts through the many stories right now competing for attention. 

They’re Easy To Make

Generally speaking, testimonial videos require very little in terms of cost to a business. They can be shot on most phone cameras and uploaded almost anywhere.

This is especially useful right now. First, video testimonials can provide cheap or free advertising, relieving taxed budgets. Second, allowing customers to shoot their own videos from the safety of their homes enables you to create content and engage with buyers from a safe social distance.

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They Establish Trust and Loyalty

Testimonial videos present an honest, reliable image of your business since they show real customers. While many people enjoy commercials, it is understood that the people depicted in them are actors and the lines scripted.

Reviews from a friend or family member, however, pack a much larger punch. We trust our loved ones to know what they’re talking about and steer us toward products and services they believe in.

Not only that but by asking a client to create a video, you make it clear that you value their opinion. For many, this is enough to convert them into a customer for life and secure them as a brand ambassador. In this way, video testimonials can act as protection as other businesses lose long-time customers to changing pandemic shopping trends.

They Provide a Different Perspective

Finally, video testimonials often allow for additional perspectives regarding products. Customers explaining your sales process or demonstrating features in their own words helps them expand your audience as well as further your own understanding of how clients react or respond to different aspects of your business.

These fresh looks at your operation can be valuable in helping you fine-tune procedures, especially in light of current events. Watching feedback on how customers interact with your products, and hearing what they think of any changes in your methods can help inform future practices that make customers feel safe and welcome regardless of a pandemic.

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