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Car dealership advertising ideas to drive success despite the pandemic

With COVID numbers continuing to stay high across the nation, many consumers are still shopping from home, and although e-commerce has been around for...

Tips for dealers to do pickup and delivery well

You've heard your customer's responses and requests. Logic alone would tell you that consumers consider pick-up and delivery services important when it comes to...
Kelly Automotive

Taking Both Forks in the Road: Stop Limiting Your Decision Making

We often use “road” metaphors for the activities of our business and our life — “the path to the sale,” “the road not taken,”...

Ford Offers Work-from-Home Extension: What it Might Mean

The year 2020 has undeniably been a strange one and we have definitely learned how working from home impacts people, businesses, and communications. On...

Uber Slashes Jobs Yet Again: What it Means

Just like most businesses, Uber has taken a huge hit in the midst of the novel coronavirus. The rideshare giant has announced it will...
mental health

Maintaining Mental Health During a Crisis

Dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic is emotionally taxing in almost every way. Millions of Americans worry about how and when they’ll get back to...

How to Fix the Critical Errors that Are Preventing Your Dealership...

Do you watch business-based reality TV shows? I love these shows not only for the excitement and entertainment, but for all the parallel messages...

Are You A Leader Or An Enabler?

Management and leadership are two different things. There is an old saying that “You manage things and you lead people.” Managing and leading are...

Speak Your Customers’ Language

Not long ago doctors typically talked to their patients in professional jargon, using terms that were hard for average people to understand. The hapless...