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social media

Tips to improve your social media relationships

In a 2016 article from Harvard Business Review, General Motors recounts how it began its consumer research department in 1933. Little did Alfred Sloan...

(Part 2) Why you should use YouTube for your fixed ops...

As we barrel towards 2021, it’s a good time to look at new ways to educate and help your customer because next year will...

Tips for working with subprime customers today

Your dealership has an established brand of customer. That's not to say you won't sell to anyone who has the money, but you know...

How dealers can drive community involvement into the holiday season

Having come through one of the most peculiar Thanksgiving holidays in history as the US continues to battle COVID-19 outbreaks, the automotive industry remains...

Five Best Practices for Managing Introverts at Your Dealership

Introverts are said to make up 25 to 40 percent of the total population. However, the numbers could be even greater. So, there is...

Compassion a Trait Dealers are Showing in Heaps

In the past weeks, we’ve seen examples consistently where dealers and dealership owners are using their resources to help their communities. Particularly, the compassion...
Tip of the Day

The Idea of Help vs. Service

 Are you helping people just get through the process of buying a car, or are you delivering true service to create a genuine customer...

The Knowledge, Attitude, Skills & Habits of A Professional Service Advisor

It’s important for them to always be on top of their game. Here are some K.A.S.H. (Knowledge, Attitude, Skills & Habitual) tips on how...

Reducing Distractions and Procrastination for Your Dealership Employees

Distractions and procrastination can eat away at vast chunks of time and resources at a dealership. Eliminating them is essential to creating a positive,...

3 Tips for a Smoother Subprime F&I Experience

If your dealership works in the subprime space at all, you already understand the challenges that come with these deals. Tighter restrictions on payment,...