The Idea of Help vs. Service

Tip of the Day

Are you helping people just get through the process of buying a car, or are you delivering true service to create a genuine customer experience? Cory explains the difference.


Hi, I’m Cory Mosley and this is your CBT news, sales tip of the day. Tell you I want to talk to you about the idea of help versus service. Here’s the question I ask you in your sales career, are you simply helping people in facilitating the transaction or are you delivering a customer experience in service.

Does someone simply come in, and I believe old school, we call this the order taker syndrome. Are we just trying to get the customer through the process as quickly as possible regardless of what their needs may be. Are we just providing the things that they can’t do on their own. Somebody comes to your dealership, guess what, they can’t go get the car themselves, right?

They don’t know how to get in the key track machine or wherever you keep your keys. They don’t know how to go get the vehicle or go behind the … So they need you for certain things. So are you simply a conduit, are you simply a connector to the process or are you influencing the process.

I want to challenge you to do more influencing and less simply helping. Because we open the line like that, what brings you to the dealership, how can I help you today. And that puts us in the frame of mind of facilitation. When I want you to be engaged on delivering a customer experience and delivering true, true service.

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