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EV tax credits, credit

Treasury Dept. announces consumer leases can qualify for new EV tax...

As of January 1, 2023, automakers selling EVs with final assembly outside of North America could qualify for a commercial vehicle tax credit, according...

Tesla reports record 405,000 vehicle deliveries in Q4, misses annual guidance

Despite losing 65% of its market value in 2022, Telsa is still the world’s most valuable automaker. In a report released by Telsa, its...
electric vehicle marketing

4 best marketing practices to grow electric vehicle sales and interest

Electric vehicle sales are still not as high as ICEs. However, they are growing, especially as more automakers develop their own electric lineups. As...

Are EVs really more sustainable, efficient, and marketable than ICEs?

With Dodge announcing the end of an era, it’s a “Last Call” for the Charger and Challenger in a switch to EVs —whether customers...

How can car dealers prepare to serve future EV customers?

As EVs settle firmly into a mainstay, dealerships must regard their role in the coming electric future. True, internal combustion engines (ICEs) are not...
Amazon Ads electric cars

Marketing tips for electric cars and alternative-fuel auto advertisers

From microchips to lithium batteries, technology is revolutionizing the future of ground transportation. Electric vehicles (EVs) have now become top of mind for many...
connected consumers automotive

Understanding automotive connected consumers | Amazon Ads

As digital advertising capabilities continue to grow, automotive advertisers are off to the races to optimize the right marketing strategies to connect with future...
EV walkarounds

5 things that car salespeople should address in EV walkarounds

The jury is still out about how long it will take for electric vehicles to capture the majority of car sales. But as electric vehicle...
oil change tires

Goodbye to the oil change

Tires are one of the major keys to customer retention. It has taken a decade or more, but most dealers now realize this is...
electric vehicles

The top 10 most influential electric vehicles of the last decade

With dozens of new electric vehicles (EVs) on the horizon, the next ten years are expected to make up one of the most revolutionary...