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Don’t Play Hide-n-Seek with Reinsurance Fees

Each month, when you review your personal bank and savings account, you have probably seen little fees, like a checking fee, minimum balance charge,...

Customers Want to Buy, So SELL!

Okay, perhaps you won’t die, but can we all agree it’s finally time to drastically shorten the old-school road-to-the-sale and truly improve the customer’s...

10 ways to grow your Service Drive

Joe sits down with Michael Roppo, Director of Fixed-Ops with Withum, Smith & Brown. Michael and Joe go over how you can improve your...
close the deal

5 Solutions to Close the Deal

Way too many salespeople spend too long selling and too little time closing. These two things—selling and closing—are completely different arts and you need...
hot leads

5 Ways to Connect with Hot Leads

Originally published in the June edition of Car Biz Magazine. How effective have your “speed traps” been in stabilizing phone management at your dealership? Let me...

Are you ready for digital changes? | 5 Ways to Connect...

On today's CBT Newscast for Wednesday, June 28th, 2017: Are you ready for digital changes in auto? Consumers Are. Joe Gumm sits down with Sharon Kitzman,...
customer nights

Are customer nights beneficial?

To have a true customer buying experience, some dealerships believe if everyone was happy during the process, it was a win-win. Other dealerships think...
sales team

Stop Limiting the Performance of Your Sales Team

In researching how people learn, and working with teams across the country, I find one of the biggest hindrances for improvement is the Performance...

Break old school phone habits: Creating a successful phone practice

There are two quick facts about your customers and your dealership: Fact #1: Customers are looking for a faster and better customer experience when...
Erik Nachbahr

7 steps to take your dealership’s IT strategy to proactive from...

Seven Signs Your IT Strategy is Reactive What is your dealership's information technology (IT) strategy? Does it have one? If you don't currently have...