Is your dealer website mobile-friendly?

website mobile-friendly

Car shoppers are interacting with dealerships on mobile. It doesn’t matter if it’s via an app or a mobile browser on their smartphones or even a tablet, consumers are finding dealers where and when they want to find them. This is significant for many reasons. As a dealer, it means there is a need to have a constant online presence that properly merchandises inventory, have numerous methods of contact, and have their brand properly optimized for mobile. That’s a difficult task when the sheer volume of vehicles is considered, along with the numerous touchpoints the Internet provides and the day-to-day operations of the dealership. But, many dealers do well with these efforts, and those that do understand mobile are the most successful today. With this white paper, we provide insight into the role that mobile plays in today’s car shopper journey. We also want to provide key takeaways for dealers to help them optimize their mobile presence to take advantage of how car shoppers utilize mobile in today’s digital world. We will further dive into the devices used for online car shopping from both the mobile and desktop and laptops perspective. We found that smartphones are used for nearly half of all online car shopping activities, with 46% of consumers indicating they used them. Laptops/desktops are a close second, being used for 41% of all activities. Tablets are a distant third, being used for only 13% of online car shopping activities.

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